About Me

Who I am

I’m a  Barnet Labour/Co-operative party activist and a school governor at Hollickwood Primary School. It is safe to say that I get an immense amount of personal satisfaction out of the cut and thrust of grassroots local politics and was heavily involved in the campaign to save and reopen Friern Barnet Library which is now one of the flagship Community run libraries across the country.

Where I’m coming from

I grew up in a migrant Gujarati community which sought refuge from East African political turmoil in the 70s. My mother started off in a toothpaste factory and then worked for over twenty years as a nurse for the NHS; my father worked in a grocers and then ran two Post Offices.

I worked for Essex County Council on their Fast Track Management Programme/the National Local Government graduate management programme for two years. I spent a year working in social care management.

I’m currently a Bedingfield Scholar at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn and am training to be a lawyer. I am also an active Fabian and a member of the Fabian Women’s Network.

Where I’m going

I’m a social activist and a public servant first and foremost. I believe in giving people a hand up and in recognising and supporting the ability of those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Everything else I do follows from this.

I can be contacted on Twitter –



2 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Jo Mccallum says:

    Hi Reema
    I wonder if you might be interested in attending this worksho[p, as well and publicizing it to your followers? http://righttohousing.eventbrite.co.uk
    All best

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