The One Barnet Ping-Pong – Cornelius’s Answer and My Response

His response to my open letter:-

Dear Miss Patel
Thank you for this.
In the interests of residents we will sign as soon as possible.  Think of the cuts that will have to be made because of the legal expenses and continuing delay. Legal costs £500k and missed savings of £700k per month.  No alternative to the plan suggested by anyone.
I do not agree with your selective reading of the judgement
My response to his open letter:-
Dear Cllr Cornelius

It is nobody’s fault but your Conservative administration’s that you failed to take proper legal advice and/or follow proper legal advice when embarking on a project of this scale. This is what exposed you to the judicial review in the first place.
Also, in September 2012 I drew your attention to the legal duty to consult which is recorded in the public questions section of a Cabinet meeting and asked when it would be complied with. I even wrote a Guardian article about the situation. That question remained unanswered.
Any sensible Conservative administration that was paying even the slightest bit of notice to concerns raised by residents would have taken immediate steps to rectify this situation. That would have prevented a judicial review and the costs you claim are mounting.
Best wishes
Ms. Reema Patel
So that’s decided. The High Court decides Barnet Council failed to consult with residents but lets them off on a technicality. Instead of taking the hint, Barnet Tories decide they’ll continue to fail to consult with local residents.
Looks like the residents of Barnet won’t get much of a say until we get a change of administration, then.

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