Pinkham Way – A Talk at St John’s Parish Church

Notwithstanding a decision that the North London Waste Authority’s plans to go ahead with the Pinkham Way waste plant was declared unsound, there remains the intention to build this waste plant. There will be a discussion this week on Thursday – 22nd November, at St John’s Parish Church, where Theresa Villiers MP will say why she is opposed to this plant.

Andrew Dismore, Labour’s Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden at the GLA will also state his opposition to these plans.

I’d urge you all to attend if you could.

There are also a few other issues I’d like to hear from Ms. Villiers.

I would like to know from Ms Villiers why;

– she is reluctant to take a stance on another important local issue – the closure of Friern Barnet Library (which is just a stone’s throw away from the church where this talk is held), and is therefore implicitly backing this closure;

– she is talking the talk now; but failed to raise the dialogue in good time with Barnet Council’s Conservatives – who sold the land to Enfield Council, thus enabling the waste development to go ahead in the first place.

I’m looking forward to attending, and hope to see many fellow residents, local activists and campaigners there!


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