Chipping Barnet Labour object to Cat Hill development

The deadline for lodging an objection with Enfield Council to the not-so-new but rehashed plans for the development of the old Middlesex University site based in Cat Hill passed today. There are a number of concerns with the plans so far; traffic and congestion near the already congested roundabout a notable issue, the non-existence of a flood risk assessment for the surrounding area, the preservation of rare species, the planting of oak trees, and also – the height of some of the proposed developments and its conformity with the rest of the local area.

I sent the following letter in to Enfield Council to raise an objection on behalf of the Chipping Barnet Labour Party of which I am an executive member. Both Andrew Dismore AM and Joanne McCartney AM have raised similar concerns relating to the development.

Dear Mr. Laws,

I’m writing in person and on behalf of the Chipping Barnet Labour Party to raise an objection in relation to the proposed development of the Cat Hill campus at Middlesex University for which there is a planning application – P12-02266PLA. I have copied in Paul Edwards, Chair of the Chipping Barnet Labour Party Executive.
I acknowledge the recent changes to the plans for the proposed development but still would like to object on the grounds that
– the Cat Hill area already suffers from a significant amount of traffic and will be worsened by the congestion arising from the development. I am concerned that the road capacity will not be able to cope with the demands placed upon it and do not think there has been sufficient consideration of the strain the development will place on existing public transport capacity;
– there are also concerns that the planned parking provision for the local area will be insufficient and that there will be an overspill of parking on local roads as a consequence;
– I am concerned about the failure to address flood risk as a consequence of the development in the surrounding Cat Hill area;
– I note also that there is significant biodiversity in the area; especially the existence of great crested newts and bats; which are vanishingly rare. There is a genuine concern that both species will be threatened by the proposed development and the building works leading to that development;
– It is also a shame to note that the oak trees upon the site will be felled to make way for the new development. I would like to query whether oak trees will be planted elsewhere in the surrounding area if the development goes in spite of the objections lodged against it as planned and if so – where?
Best wishes
Reema Patel (Chipping Barnet Labour Party – Membership Secretary)

For more information, see the website to campaign for Cat Hill and some very effective visual representations of what the development means for the surrounding area on Mr Mustard’s blog.


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