Film about One Barnet – The Billion Pound Gamble

A film about the billion pound gamble – about which we know barely anything, of our local Council services premieres on Monday 22nd October at 6pm, at Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley. The film has been made by acclaimed US film director Charles Honderick and exposes the chaos being wrought by the policies of Barnet Council.

For more information see the website

And you can watch the trailer here:

The film will feature;

– interviews with local residents including a family with a child who suffers from severe disabilities, and users of day centres explaining how cuts to transport have affected them

– commentary on the One Barnet ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ programme to contract out critical public services. This was described by The Economist last month as a ‘proudly miserly’ programme. Well, that makes it alright, then (!)

– scenes inside Hendon Town Hall where Conservative councillors are filmed laughing as key strategic decisions are passed without proper transparency and debate.

And you can read about my concerns surrounding the absence of transparency in the decision making for One Barnet in my open letter to Cllr Cornelius, Leader of Barnet Council.


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