Eviction Proceedings Against Occupiers of Friern Barnet Library Adjourned

The latest in the eviction proceedings that Barnet Council have lodged against the occupiers of the building, who are currently using it to host a local community library, is that the proceedings have been adjourned for 21 days. Usually, eviction proceedings of this nature should move relatively quickly, and an adjournment of 21 days is somewhat strange.

This led me to ask around as to why the proceedings have been stayed for so long. It is understood (word of mouth the only reliable source here, although if someone else present at the hearing could confirm this) that one of the key reasons for the proceedings being adjourned  for three weeks was that the Council are having some difficulty establishing their legal title to the building as it is not yet registered on the land registry title. The period of time allowed, if so, should allow the local authority to gather the evidence to establish ownership.

If what I have heard on the grapevine is correct, the political absence of mind here on the part of the Conservative administration is quite surprising. You would expect that they would at least establish clear evidence of their own title to the land before attempting to deal with something that is this politically controversial, and especially before lodging eviction proceedings.


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