Two Old Hags – Women in Barnet, and Beyond


Brian Coleman laughing just after he calls two members of the public ‘two old hags’. Captured from a film by @thebarnetbugle.

Women on average are living longer and using social care for longer than men. They tend to be those in most need of public services, and they make up by far the largest (and lowest-paid proportion) of the public service workforce. It is therefore¬†astounding to hear Cllr Coleman’s dismissal of female members of the public as ‘old hags’.

The misogyny inherent in this comment seemed to completely elude the rest of the Cabinet – including the leader of Barnet Council, Richard Cornelius – who is reported to have laughed along with this remark when he heard it. The ageism is also shocking; especially considering that the second largest part of the Council budget is spent on adult social care and later life provision.

I’ve no doubt that a complaint will soon be put in to the Council’s monitoring officer. Coleman is on his second breach of the members’ code of conduct already. Will he be on his third, shortly?


One Comment on “Two Old Hags – Women in Barnet, and Beyond”

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