My Bank Holiday Weekend; Nicola Adams and the Friern Barnet Library

So it’s been a lovely warm bank holiday weekend to enjoy shortly after the One Barnet saga and a few other bits and pieces I am sorting out over the summer.

The highlights of this weekend have been twofold.

They are;

a) making the impromptu decision to go out to a nightclub (as women in their mid 20s are prone to do) and then running into the lovely Nicola Adams who gave me a gruff handshake and a cheeky smile which made my day.

In case you’ve not been following the news on all this – this is the first woman boxer to win an Olympic gold. A woman, it appears from a first and then a second meeting in some nightclub, of not that many words – but that’s alright, we can run with that when she’s made feminist and Olympic history.

b) being a part of the extraordinary spirit shown in the campaign to reopen Friern Barnet library, which is now lending books outside of the library itself. If you’re a fan of your Dickens, Pope or any of the other literary greats – do get down to the next meetup and borrow a book if you can!

Pictures from the event are here at Mr. Reasonable’s blog.

I’ve already been hearing complaints out on canvasses from parents that children in the local area have nowhere to go for revision, or for books – and that the proposed ‘Super-Library’ in the Arts Depot is not so much of a super library as a disappointment that does not cater for young children’s needs. Unimpressed – particularly as I grew up in a family which like many, struggled to make ends meet, and where the library was essential for my own intellectual development.


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