My Response to Leader of Barnet Council’s Response

…Keep up folks(!)

This is what I wrote to Cllr Cornelius when he said that the new Joint Venture proposal was now an ‘option’ and not a decision made by Barnet Council. Remember, we’re talking about the £275m outsourcing of a substantial part of Barnet’s public services. For the full summary of what’s been going on, see Theresa Musgrove’s (Mrs Angry’s) blog here.

”Dear Cllr Cornelius
Many thanks for your prompt response.

However it does raise many questions.

Citizens are entitled to know what the precise status of the One Barnet programme now is which is left in doubt by that response.
Can I confirm that the joint venture proposal is now merely one option out of several – and that the original model agreed upon (strategic partnership) is also now an option/possibility alongside the joint venture proposal?
Are you going to be reassessing the merits of the various options and models? Does this mean that Barnet Council are reconsidering the One Barnet programme altogether?
Best wishes
Reema Patel.”

I look forward to hearing from Cllr Cornelius in due course so that we all know what exactly is going on with one of the biggest strategic outsourcing programmes of our public services in the last several years or so.

In the meantime, I suggest you make your point by campaigning for a Better Barnet. Get your pens, your feet, your words, your skills, petitions, signatures, anything else you have to muster, out against this wholly incompetent Conservative administration. It’s time we finally got some answers to our questions.


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