Leader of Barnet Council’s Response to Open Letter

So, I now have a response to my open letter to Cllr Cornelius. That open letter warned the new attempt to change One Barnet to a ‘Joint Venture’ was illegal.

It objected to Ms Pam Wharfe’s officer-led decision. Which was certainly phrased as a decision. She wrote,

‘we have decided to form a Joint Venture organisation with the successful bidder, which provides an effective basis on which the Council can benefit from these opportunities and at the same time it gives the Council greater rights of transparency and control. ‘

This decision is now apparently…..

An option.

The full response from Cllr Cornelius received this afternoon is:

‘Dear Ms Patel
Contrary to reports this decision has not been taken. Jv remains an option, but no decision as yet. There will need to be a convincing argument for this route.
Richard Cornelius’

Ok. Option, not a decision. This is all very well and good, so – where exactly are we on One Barnet then? Back to the drawing board? Was Joint Venture an option? Does all of this mean the original decision – a Strategic Partnership is now an option? Strange, that, because I could swear it was a decision, and then changed to Joint Venture as a decision.

What a mess.

Say hello to the One Barnet omnishambles.


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