Some of my old pieces

I’ve set this blog up as a way of commenting on issues of local and national importance, as well as on political issues that have a legal angle. If you are interested in some of my previous writing and thought on policy, much of which is heavily influenced by my time in local government then do see the following;

The Guardian Local Government and Housing Network (Professional)

– on local government, housing and human rights

– on how car parking charges have affected local areas, access and small businesses

– on public service, and talent management programmes

– on equality and diversity – especially the importance of recognising invisible diversities in people

I’ve written more widely on policy; the blog Left Foot Forward includes some of my commentary on social care and social progress.

– A case for cross party reform on social care

– The practical and economic challenges facing social care reform

– A case for equal marriage, and a summary of the practical benefits arising from the reform for same sex couples

For more of my thoughts on policy, the Fabian Women’s Network magazine, Fabiana has published pieces on;

– the design of a socially democratic welfare state (p12)

– the proposed NHS reforms and absence of social care reform in the Health and Social Care Act (p23)

I’ll be posting any more pieces and updates on this blog as and when they are written.

Until then, you can tweet me; @ReemaSPatel


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